Education in the post-scientific culture




Internet, transformative learning, emancipative learning, fourth wave, prefigurative culture


This essay presents an interdisciplinary study of the role of the net society in education, and the appearance of a post-scientific culture in the Internet. However, the theory of a society rendered stupid by the Internet is one-sided and does not bear closer analysis. The appearance of incompetence and stupidity is only one of many behavioural traits of people using the Internet, and the net society, despite its specific nature, is in many ways similar to those functioning outside the Internet. Post-scientific culture need not be the only (or even the dominant) voice in the general Internet discussion. The creation of net societies which can perform the role of groups relating to a new scientific culture in the Internet have particular significance. A significant role can be played by new leaders and educated individuals who should be engaged in promoting a scientific culture. The Internet creates suitable conditions for transformative and emancipative learning, and it is only necessary to perceive them and use them appropriately.


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Author Biography

  • Aleksander Kobylarek, Institute of Pedagogy, University of Wrocław, , ul. Dawida 1/3, Poland

    PhD in humanities, assistant professor at the University of Wrocław (Poland) in Departament of Pedagogy, manager of the University of the Third Age in the University of Wrocław up to 2016, author of more than 100 scientific publications, including articles, books, chapters, editor-in-chief of international scientific "Journal of Education Culture and Society" and "Ogrody Nauk i Sztuk (Gardens of Science and Arts).




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Kobylarek, A. (2019). Education in the post-scientific culture. Journal of Education Culture and Society, 10(1), 5-13.

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